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Starbucks City Mug 100% pure KONA

14 Oz, Made in Taiwan, 2001

One of five in the Hawaii Stamp Mug Series (Kauai, Hawaii, Maui, Kona Blend, and 100% Kona).

Kona was once a sleepy fishing village but has now transformed into a lively town, where you find many historical sites, entertainment and plenty of places to go shopping, dining or to find accommodation. The term "Kona" is sometimes used to refer to its largest town, Kailua-Kona. Other towns in Kona include Kealakekua, Keauhou, Holualoa, Hōnaunau and Honalo.

  USA, Kona, Hawaii, 2001, Hawaii Stamp Mug Series

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Renee   01 Nov 2016

I don't believe that Kona is a city. It is a district on the Big Island of Hawaii, and should probably be listed under Hawaii as a state. Hawaii is made of of several islands, but Honolulu would be an example of an actual city. Am I wrong on that?

Renee   01 Nov 2016

Oh, and I own a whole series of these mugs. But can't find them on the site because they are no longer listed as Hawaii. There are 6 in total, if my memory serves me correctly.

Aleshia   02 Nov 2016

Kona is a city on the west coast of the Big Island.

tex   04 Nov 2016

exactly renee....there is a city called kona on the big island