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Starbucks City Mug 1978 Cigar Band Mermaid Logo, version 3

Plain white ceramic mug by Rauschert of Germany. Starbucks decal applied by a screening house in Tukwila, WA. Each mugs decal was applied individually by hand. See also FO listings 3822 and 9146 for version 1 and version 2.

The following information is from a forum contributor on the website She responded to an inquiry on the earliest Starbucks mugs.

Gay N

I can help with some of the old logo mug info. I was buying merchandise in the late 70’s for about a decade and that white logo mug is familiar. First, just to “ground” folks, when I started, Starbucks had 3 stores and was opening a whopping 1/annually. We wanted to offer logo mugs but didnt exactly have “volume” to get anyone to make them for us. A big order might be 100-and with 3 or 4 stores, you can imagine that would last a while. To offer merchandise like a logo mug,I purchased white porcelain mugs (and there’s a whole story about porcelain and Pike Place) and sent them to a screening house in Tukwila that screened a decal of the logo on each mug individually by hand. Hence, no manufacturer marking besides sometimes the mug manufacturer. I tended to use older diner-style mugs or straight-sided contemporary mugs, like the one shown. It was time consuming but created something “ours”.

In the 80’s (and probably after my time…) we had maybe doubled to 6 stores, and had enough volume to have manufacturers customize mugs for us and Hartstone, along with Rosanna Imports among others including craftspeople at the Pike Place Market, were some of the companies we used. It made my life easier to order from one vendor and continued to create a product that our customers wouldnt see at the Bon or some other larger retailer.

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