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Starbucks City Mug 26.10.1995 Japan Sazaby And Starbucks

1995 Sazaby & Starbucks 16oz made in USA

In 1995, the Japanese enterprise called The Sazaby League entered into a partnership with Starbucks to bring Starbucks Coffee Houses to Japan. In 1996, the first Starbucks was opened in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Starbucks Coffee Japan was a separate entity in Japan and was entirely run by Sazaby League. They expanded quickly across Japan with many innovative and unique ideas, promotions and designs only found in Japan. Outside the USA Starbucks market, the Sazaby League Japan Starbucks market was the fastest growing and most profitable worldwide. Seeing this, Starbucks in 2014 initialized the dissolving of their partnership with Sazaby League and took full control of all Starbucks Japan in 2015.

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