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sparklingcat In London just now and no sign of it either - including LHR... Jul 1, 2016

sparklingcat Hi Anya I live in Kazakhstan (Astana). There is only one Starbucks in Kazakhstan in Almaty. I am... Jul 1, 2016

Anya Dear everyone? Has anyone seen this mug? We are unable to find it anywhere in Kazakhstan. Where... Jun 27, 2016

uk-neil No signs of this mug in any of the London stores I've checked in the past few days. Jun 25, 2016

tex just returned from copenhagen and the yah mugs at the airport are sold out.... Jun 24, 2016

ianbebz hi, im staying in singapore, is it possible to let you buy this mug and ship it to my address? i... Jun 24, 2016

BigJoeBob85 Whale Jun 23, 2016

BigJoeBob85 Dolphin? That would be a whale. Jun 23, 2016

sparklingcat Hi Tex - sorry I don't, and my friend has left Denmark now. I am leaving for UK next week... Jun 20, 2016

humbear Hi folks! Any update on the availability date of this mug in London stores? Jun 19, 2016


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