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Ronald71 RicoS This mug isn't in stores yet - will be released when X-mas merchandise will hit the... Oct 20, 2014

RicoS Oke, spill the beans; already in store? Was in Amsterdam last Saterday (18-10) and haven't seen... Oct 19, 2014

elle hey hey hey hey! now the mug it's out...And I have it! Oct 17, 2014

Gierock I want to trade for this New Orleans mug...I have San Francisco and Seattle to trade; pls.... Oct 17, 2014

elle hi, For who is interested I have this demi set PARIS FRANCE for trade, in change I'm... Oct 17, 2014

Juergen Someone with an extra Orlando mug here? I'm willing to buy. Thanks Oct 17, 2014

tex aloha....i am looking for the following mugs: HELSINSKI STAVANGER LEUVEN AARHUS THE NEW... Oct 17, 2014

Mhelmsderfer This was a mistake, I WANT this mug, I do not have it, but I can't figure out how to edit/delete Oct 16, 2014

Mhelmsderfer I want this mug! Want to trade? Price? Oct 16, 2014

botski824 I want this mug to trade for Chicago, Florida, Orlando, Twin Cities and Wisconsin 2. Thanks! Oct 15, 2014


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