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Leondomestico Hello Chopchop, can you edit the wrong data of this mug please? 1) The name is NOT Disneyland... Nov 24, 2017

RicoS II Thanks Chris, appreciate your response. I noticed that there are indeed a lot of stores in city... Nov 23, 2017

Chris5 They are available in all the city centre stores and there are quite a few within easy reach of... Nov 22, 2017

RicoS II Hi, I"m planning a trip to Ireland next month. Can somebody inform about of the availability... Nov 22, 2017

breinkober I have this mug on EBAY to sell for those of you 42 seekers Nov 21, 2017

pickitup Yo can buy from the seller that name is hruman27 on ebay. Nov 18, 2017

norms I have 2 spare of this mug..I would like to trade this for other rare icons Nov 14, 2017

Taze Hi Wendy, His looks like a duplicate for mug # 8854. Could ou remove? Nov 11, 2017

Taze Hi Wendy, This looks to be a duplicate for mug #8853. Could you remove? Nov 11, 2017

Taze Hi Wendy, This looks like a duplicate to #8875, could you remove to keep the series count... Nov 11, 2017


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