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peter i have this one for trade. Dec 20, 2014

JT3 This tumbler is also considered part of the 2014 Dot Collection. Dec 20, 2014

fitpro I am selling 4 of these mugs on ebay - Brand new - never used - If you would like one message me... Dec 20, 2014

Sara M I agree I was just in Paris and found plenty of them all over the city Dec 18, 2014

beantree I have access to this mug, interested in trading! Dec 18, 2014

guillaume94 I found mine in Paris , France. Dec 18, 2014

Sara M I own this but I got it in the states so I don't know if the one from japan is different or if... Dec 18, 2014

JT3 On the back of the mug is actually the Mirador of Yanahuara. Dec 18, 2014

eastrichon I can provide this mug To trade Dec 17, 2014

tomhamp I have plenty of these and I trade them with reliefs Dec 16, 2014