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Ronald71 Polmug who is your source? I have heard other stories from several SBX stores and store... Apr 21, 2015

ShawtyShidSquid @hristotak8 - Where in Chicago did you see them? Apr 21, 2015

polmug Amsterdam YAH is coming back soon according to a source .... Apr 20, 2015

Kristine Does anyone have any details about this mug? I saw one with a stamp on the bottom and one with a... Apr 20, 2015

Ronald71 Hi Mikey, I'm Dutch based and can confirm this mugs isn't available (discontinued) as of... Apr 20, 2015

Mikey I heard this one is discontinued via an eBay listing. Any of our Amsterdamian friends able to... Apr 20, 2015

magrini I have New York, Florida and niagra falls available to trade Pm me at Apr 19, 2015

Mikey Hi Traveller, I can get you both! Just sent you a private message, send me an email Apr 19, 2015

Badger According to the manager at Heathrow terminal 5 she has ordered them and they should be... Apr 18, 2015

Badger These are going to be at Heathrow terminal 5 next week (according to the manager) Apr 18, 2015