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csforlife I can trade Cambridge, Wisconsin 1st for AMS Sep 22, 2014

csforlife I have an extra mug available to trade, looking for Amsterdam, Hawaii, Montreal, etc Sep 22, 2014

hsswu is this 3oz or 12oz? Looks like #5027 Sep 22, 2014

Island Owner I am a Kunming native, I am so proud of my hometown. Sep 22, 2014

elle Someone have this mug for trade? I have many mugs to offer in change. Email me at:... Sep 21, 2014

elle Re for shugal: all China mugs, Philippine mugs, Taiwan mugs and Singapore mugs are MIC... Sep 21, 2014

elle Re for shugal: I have one of they, and this mugs are MADE IN CHINA and the copyright is 2014 Sep 21, 2014

argicgr This is the first version of Adelaide mug, stamped 2006. It is interesting that Intercontinental... Sep 21, 2014

shugal What is the difference to the regular mug? From the pictures I can't see any. What is the... Sep 21, 2014

shugal Are they (c)2013 or 2014, and are they made in China or Thailand? Sep 21, 2014