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Peyton Thanks LOL Oct 22, 2017

Leondomestico I have this mug, but it`s from Thailand, not from South Korea ! Oct 21, 2017

Leondomestico The pic is courtesy of Peyton Wang !!! Oct 20, 2017

apostolos1986 Thanks Ronald! Oct 18, 2017

Ronald71 Currently only in SBX original stores in centre Amsterdam, Utrecht (been there myself) - the SBX... Oct 18, 2017

apostolos1986 In which stores is this mug available? Oct 18, 2017

apostolos1986 We know in which stores this mug is available? Thanks! Oct 18, 2017

baradasy Isn't it a duplicate of a mug [  Link  ] Oct 16, 2017

Mockeymouse I want this mug. Oct 15, 2017

jhon corner It was delivery by Korea starbucks at 2010year. This mug design was through competition about"... Oct 14, 2017