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nequissimus Agree with all above i was confused by the color filter and afterwards could not delete the mug... May 26, 2016

Aleks Agreed. If it's a re-release of the same mug, that's all it is. Here's hoping they change... May 26, 2016

verity I would wait until it's released before that mug is called Amsterdam2. Mugs that seemed to have... May 26, 2016

charleschuh What is the difference between I and II %uFF1FColour%uFF1F May 26, 2016

Alexis On my = Only May 24, 2016

Alexis By the moment on my available in Nantes, hopefully soon in other stores where we usually are... May 24, 2016

Wollahm Is this a sign that they are they going to replace the 08 series in europe? I hope not.. May 24, 2016

Anya Bell, go to Vodny mall. It is there. It is in a lot of stores actually. May 23, 2016

Anya Where is it sold? Can it be found in France? Or only this city? May 23, 2016

bell299 Where did you find this mug in Moscow. I live in Moscow and visit Starbucks often and have still... May 23, 2016


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2013 Tohoku #3643

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Sendai #2278

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