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argicgr Chie, this is very interesting. All three mugs share the 1987-1992 logo and are stamped made in... Nov 25, 2014

chie First store in Japan of Starbucks was opened in 1996 Nov 25, 2014

elle Anyone know when Cambridge mug will be available? Anyone have it for trade? Nov 24, 2014

elle Anyone knows when it will be available? Nov 24, 2014

Janny I can trade Hong Kong gold relief for gold London relief Nov 24, 2014

argicgr More than 22 years ago.....From 1987 to 1992. Logo is red and with split mermaid. Nov 24, 2014

chie Is this mug What year sale? Nov 24, 2014

tomhamp Who wants Paris Gold Mug? Just contact with me Nov 22, 2014

Mac Is anyone an extra YAH Amsterdam mug to sell? Nov 22, 2014

Juergen I have Amsterdam YAH available. I'm looking only for a Tokyo Icon mug. Anyone? Nov 20, 2014