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SBmugCollectorMomma If anyone has this mug, I'd be happy to trade for Arizona or Phoenix mugs. My daughters name is... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 @HelloMoto, are you still willing to trade your Houston you are here mug? I have IL, Chicago,... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 I will email you. Thanks! Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma My email address is I would like the Illinois mug. Which one would you... Sep 3, 2015

humbear @SBmugCollectorMomma - here is a little might want to double check first before you... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 @SBmugCollectorMomma, I have Wisconsin 2 I'm located in illinois Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma @Charisse0512 Where are you located? Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma So Arizona and Phoenix for Illinois and Wisconsin? Which WI do you have? Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 @SBmugCollectorMomma, I got extra Illinois, Chicago, Wisconsin, Ohio Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma @charisse0512, what other ones do you have? Sep 3, 2015


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