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verity I already commented on that whenI put up the entry, but my comment got deleted Sep 24, 2016

Mad Slovakia is a country not a city in Czech Republic. Please correct. Sep 22, 2016

apbargain Do you have this mug/ Sep 18, 2016

guillaume94 Since this saturday september 10th this mug is available at the 5th floor of the BHV Marais . Sep 10, 2016

Pete Manley Hi Taze, I don't have the Birmingham one but want one. I have listed on eBay if that helps?... Sep 3, 2016

Taze Hi Pete, I would be interested! Any chance that you have the Birmingham mug as well? Sep 3, 2016

shubilinda Apparently it is only available at the BHV shop near Hotel de Ville metro station Sep 2, 2016

askmrdan I have been looking for this tumbler. New or used are welcome. Hope you could help me. Sep 2, 2016

askmrdan I have been looking for this tumbler for years ;) Hope you could be of help to me. Sep 2, 2016

argicgr Congrats Barry.... Sep 2, 2016


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