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Valeriemw I have this mug willing to trade for just about anything I'm a new collector. I have 3 available... May 29, 2015

humbear Is this one still available in stores? May 26, 2015

Jay Jay Hi Elle, Thanks for the reply! That's what I figured... I purposely flew into Alicante just to... May 26, 2015

elle Hi Jay Jay, unfortunatelly the unique store in Alicante is after the security check on the... May 26, 2015

elle That mug is no longer available since Dec.2010 but you may find it in stores as Mini Icon... May 26, 2015

elle I need that mug cause is the only of the Malaysia that I don't have. Some one have that mug, I... May 25, 2015

hcorea65 Hi @ Vossern,are you going to be able to trade for this mug??? Thank you :) May 24, 2015

uk-neil I see there's a couple already on eBay already. May 24, 2015

vossern Starbucks Stavanger opens Wednesday 27.05 12.00 Starbucks Stavanger pner onsdag 27.05 kl 12 00 May 24, 2015

Jay Jay I will be flying into Alicante next month, is there any way to access the starbucks without... May 23, 2015


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