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SBmugCollectorMomma @verity I couldn't read all of your message Bc it won't take me to it. Can you post it on this... Sep 3, 2015

verity @sbmugcollectorMomma: You were looking for Charlotte yah so you saw as well that the rest of the... Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma If anyone has this mug, I'd be happy to trade for Arizona or Phoenix mugs. My daughters name is... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 @HelloMoto, are you still willing to trade your Houston you are here mug? I have IL, Chicago,... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 I will email you. Thanks! Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma My email address is I would like the Illinois mug. Which one would you... Sep 3, 2015

humbear @SBmugCollectorMomma - here is a little might want to double check first before you... Sep 3, 2015

Charisse0512 @SBmugCollectorMomma, I have Wisconsin 2 I'm located in illinois Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma @Charisse0512 Where are you located? Sep 3, 2015

SBmugCollectorMomma So Arizona and Phoenix for Illinois and Wisconsin? Which WI do you have? Sep 3, 2015


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