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Starbucks City Mug Wellington - Parliament House


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Uncle Ken   19 Dec 2016

I am know trading Wellington and Auckland.

Wumme0815   21 Dec 2016

Hey guys, please be warned- Some guy named Andrew W. scammed MANY collectors in the past. He was located in various Locations around greater London area. He asked People to send mugs at the same time as he, but he never send anything out. So please be extra careful

Uncle Ken   21 Dec 2016

if this comment is aimed at me then please do not take the chance and request any trades from me. I have had the pleasure of many successful trades over many years. Search Eastrichon and ask him how many successful trades we have completed.

doogie   21 Dec 2016

Just want to comment on Uncle Ken. We have done many trades and he is always great to deal with. Whoever this ANDREW W mentioned by Wumme 0815 i am sure it is not uncle ken. Looking forward to our next trade on his return from New Zealand.

elle   13 Mar 2017

I can confirm the trader called Uncle Ken or Andrew W is a recommended trader I have done many trades with him, always arrived, always safe and in mint condition. I also bought many mugs from him when I haven't mugs to offer in change and he always applied honest prices shipping plus mugs. Very kind and recommended trader.