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Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. The principal port of Denmark, Aarhus is on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the geographical centre of Denmark. The city claims the unofficial title "Capital of Jutland" and has the second-largest urban area in Denmark after Copenhagen. Aarhus harbour is one of the largest industrial harbours in Northern Europe. It has the largest container terminal in Denmark and accommodates the largest container vessels in the world. The region of Aarhus is a major producer of agricultural products with many large farms in the outlying districts. Cattle, pork and grain are the main products.

Aarhus City Hall was inaugurated 2 June 1941, and it was drawn by architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller. The decision to build a city hall was taken during a city hall meeting in 1937. As one of just a few Danish city halls it was marked for preservation in March 1994 because of its unique architecture. On the first proposal the plans did not include a tower but due to massive public pressure it was later added to the drawings. The city hall has a total area of 19,380 m² including the basement. The tower is 60 m tall and the tower clock face has a diameter of 7 m. The building is made of concrete plated with 6,000 m² of marble from Porsgrunn in Norway. In January 2006 the city hall was included in the Danish Culture Kanon under architecture.

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