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Starbucks City Mug Antalya - Aspendos Theatre

Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. It is Turkey's biggest international sea resort, located on the Turkish Riviera. Antalya was the world's fourth most visited city by number of international arrivals in 2011, with 10.5 million annual visitors. Most of these tourists were changing planes or moving between the airport and the cruise lines.

Aspendos was an ancient Greco-Roman city in Antalya province of Turkey. Aspendos Theatre has a diametre of 315 ft with seating for 7,000. The theatre was built in 155 by the Greek architect Zenon, a native of the city. It was periodically repaired by the Seljuqs, who used it as a caravansary, and in the 13th century the stage building was converted into a palace by the Seljuqs of Rum.

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