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Starbucks City Mug 1995 Blue Note Coffee Blend Tumbler

1995 Blue Note Coffee Blend 16oz made in USA

It began with an album called Blue Note Blend. On April Fools’ Day 1995, a compilation of jazz classics began appearing at Starbucks® stores. Available for purchase on its own or bundled with a pound of Blue Note Blend coffee, it was an immediate success. The album eventually sold more than 75,000 copies, a notable achievement in the jazz world. Holly Hinton, then a barista at Starbucks University Village store, recalls restocking CDs at a steady clip to keep up with demand. “Blue Note Blend struck a geyser with our customers,” said Hinton, who’s still involved in Starbucks music program two decades later, now as entertainment brand manager. “They wanted to take home the great music they were hearing in our stores". Not only did Blue Note Blend represent Starbucks first foray into music, it was also the first coffee sold in graphic rollstock packaging.

  Blue Note Blend, USA, Tumbler

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