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Starbucks City Mug Brussels - Broodhuis

Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium lies on the river Senne. Brussels is a major Europe-wide center for cultural, scientific and economic development. It is the seat of the king as well as NATO, the Euratom and the European Union institutions. The first mention of the city come from the 966, then it was a fortified settlement. It carried the name Bruocsella, which meant a swampy village. The flourishing of the city came when it was the capital of the historical land of Brabant. During World War II, Brussels has suffered as a result of the bombing. After the war the city became the center of a united Europe.

Broodhuis - the Museum of the City of Brussels faces the City Hall, on the other side of the Grand-Place. The Museum of the City of Brussels is situated in the historic heart of Brussels, on the Grand-Place. It is sheltered in a building of neo-Gothic style, result of the reconstruction made in the 19th century. It is devoted to all aspects of city history. The costumes of Manneken Pis are stored in this place.

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