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From Verona, Indonesia


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Starbucks City Mug 2011 Caffe Verona

Serie: Coffee Series 2011

Verona is famous for being perfect for pairing with chocolates and lovely sweet desserts, and since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, no better time than now to talk about Verona. This coffee is bold and roasty sweet, and blends Latin America and Asia Pacific coffees, blended with twenty percent Italian Roast. I have heard it said that this is one of only a few coffees blended post-roasting. The 80% Latin America and Asia Pacific coffees are roasted especially for Verona, and then the remaining 20% Italian Roast, creating a unique sweetness to the coffee, gets blended in at the finish.
Mug produced in Indonesia

  Verona, Coffee blend, Caffe Verona, blend set, Czech Republic, 2011., Indonesia, USA

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