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From Dusseldorf, Germany


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Starbucks City Mug Dusseldorf - Made by Rastal

Made by Rastal in China

  Germany, Dusseldorf, Collectors Series

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Renee   06 May 2012

Opinion needed,,,,I have been slowly taking pictures one at a time of the different versions of these mugs. It takes long, but then people have a true picture of which variation they own, or are still looking for. This photo says that 2 people own Dusseldorf.......but which one? I personally own both. Seems too confusing this way,

klausimaus   08 May 2012

Hi Renee, how am I supposed to do it better?

Renee   08 May 2012

Hi Klaus, I talked it over with Helmut and and we discussed having a separate picture for each version of the mug. That way the collector can see what he has, and also what he may still wish to acquire. For example, many mugs have an England 2002, Thailand 2001, and Rastal made in Germany. Each is a little different, and I like to collect one of each variation, so 3 pictures helps me keep track. It will take longer, but we can pull together and accomplish it. Hope that works for you too. Thanks!!

shugal   08 May 2012

Perfectly fine for me, that's what I would like to see too. It would be helpful to point out the differences in the variations in the description, probably also have a picture showing all variations together with an arrow which one the current listing refers to. Waka/Emantsal did some such pictures a while ago. If you send me the raw pictures, I can create composite pictures for FredOrange.