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Starbucks City Mug Edmonton - Queen Riverboat

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta and is the province's second-largest city. Edmonton is located on the North Saskatchewan River and is the centre of the Edmonton Capital Region, which is surrounded by the central region of the province. Edmonton is a cultural, governmental and educational centre. It hosts a year-round slate of festivals, reflected in the nickname "The Festival City." It is home to North America's largest mall, West Edmonton Mall and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada's largest living history museum. In 2004, Edmonton celebrated the centennial of its incorporation as a city.

The Edmonton Queen Riverboat is a unique attraction in the heart of downtown Edmonton. The Edmonton Queen Riverboat offers a unique experience, a relaxing atmosphere, and one of the most picturesque views of our beautiful river valley and city.

photo by lucky
edited by mobydick74

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I have one Edmonton mug for sale - message me if interested

Susiesbux   11 Jan 2017

Rare Edmonton MIC 2009 Icon Mug is on Ebay - closing Bids soon - do not miss out - sorry only available to those in USA/Canada

humbear   23 Jul 2018

Selling Edmonton Icon. Please send me best offer, if interested.