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Starbucks City Mug Firenze 2003

Part of the 2003 US Romance series. Mug also comes in a more rare red version.

  USA, Romance, Firenze, Italia, Italy

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Renee   25 May 2012

Klaus, I am sorry that I had to remove all of your postings on these mugs, but they had all been entered already. These mugs are all part of the 2002 Romance series from the US, although they depict places in Italy.

shugal   25 May 2012

Renee, I think for sake of searchability the city name for these mugs should be the name of the city depicted (Firenze or Florence in this case). At least the depicted city name should be added as a tag. I didn't make the change myself because Tonymara said we shouldn't disturbe your work.

Renee   25 May 2012

Oh, no problem Martin. I will add the city name as a tag for each one. Open to suggestions :) Just trying to make everything as uniform as possible, but also user friendly.

Renee   25 May 2012


shugal   25 May 2012

Thanks a lot, Renee!