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From Frankfurt, Germany


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Starbucks City Mug Frankfurt - Made By Rastal

Made By Rastal, China and Germany

  Germany, Frankfurt, Collectors Series

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Shoesy   03 Jul 2012

Im interested in buying if for sale...?

haoli   16 Jan 2013

Are there two different mugs as well ( like Germany mug) ?A little bit Different in size and One is by rastal and One in England 2002

Uncle Ken   17 Jan 2013

Hi all be wary of posting to this address with the email of Christian MillerJesus G. BoacUniversity of Baguio Science High SchoolAssumption Rd., Baguio City 2600Philippineschristian_rain_mb@yahoo.comPosted 5 mugs in November, received none in return and now they will not answer emails either.Wouldn't want you to spend as much as I have to add to this persons collection.

breinkober   31 Jan 2013

Haoli......I have a Frankfurt Mug (Made in England) and a Frankfurt Mug (Made by Rastal)......I have been out of commission for awhile since April, but I have noticed that with the rebuilding of the Database, are we no longer differentiating different manufacturers.....

tonymara   31 Jan 2013

@breinkober: sure, we do differentiate. Pls. add a new mug (Made in England) to the db!

argicgr   24 Feb 2014

@Tonymara: Hi Helmut, If I understand correctly- your direction is to add each difference in manufacturing (Thailand, England, China) as a separate entry to the DB? Thanks for the clarification!