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Starbucks City Mug Groningen - Martini Tower

Groningen is the main municipality as well as the capital city of the eponymous province in the Netherlands. With a population of around 190,000, it is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands. Groningen is a university city, with University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences both having about 25,000 students respectively. The city was founded on the northernmost point of the Hondsrug area. The oldest document referring to Groningen's existence dates from 1040. However, the city already existed long before then: the oldest archaeological traces found are believed to stem from the years 3950-3720 BC, although the first major settlement in Groningen has been traced back to the 3rd century AD. In the 13th century, when Groningen was an important trade centre, its inhabitants built a city wall to underline its authority. The city had a strong influence on the surrounding lands and made its dialect a common tongue. In 1614, the University of Groningen was founded, initially only for religious education. In the same period the city expanded rapidly and a new city wall was built. The city did not escape the devastation of World War II. In particular, the main square, Grote Markt, was largely destroyed in April 1945, at the Battle of Groningen. However, the Martinitoren, its church, the Goudkantoor, and the city hall were not damaged. The battle there lasted several days.

Martini Tower is the highest church steeple in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands. The tower is located at the north-eastern corner of the Main Market Square, is part of the (Martini Church). The tower contains a brick spiral staircase consisting of 260 steps, and the carillon within the tower contains 62 bells. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions of Groningen and offers a view over the city and surrounding area. The front of the tower shows three pictures above the entrance: the blind man Bernlef, Saint Martinus and Rudolf Agricola. All three are men are linked to the history of Groningen. The tower is tilting about 0.6 m, according to reports the tower has a foundation of only three metres deep. The citizens of Groningen call their tower d'Olle Grieze, meaning the old grey one in the local dialect.

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Bor   02 Aug 2012

Description (Wiki / translate / slightly altered)The current Martini tower had two predecessors. In the 13th century the first tower was built. This was about 30 meters high and completely in the Romanesque style. By lightning in 1408 the tower was destroyed. In 1464, a second tower was completed. This was about 45 feet high. Also this tower was destroyed by lightning (1468).The third (and current) tower was built mostly between 1469 and 1482 and was built from blocks of Bentheim sandstone. The wooden superstructure and spire were only completed in 1548. The tower, according to word of mouth, must have been over 100 meters tall. After the departure of Spanish and Walloon troops in 1577, the third trans caught fire and the building partially collapsed. There was a height of 69 meters retained. In 1627 the tower was restored to the current 96.8 meters height. The floor is 6.80 m above NAP. (Dutch standard water level)Later the tower was damaged several times by natural disasters and various wars. The spire was again struck by lightning in 1822. From that year on the wind vane on the tower would be in the form of a horse. Since 1838, the tower has a lightning rod. The tower survived ww2 relatively unscathed. In one of the clocks there is still a bullet hole to see. Also some damage to the wall surface can not be undone.The tower has a foundation of only three meters deep.

RicoS   14 Aug 2012

Is this mug already available in the Groningenshop?

And any change, now that there are more Dutch city mugs (finally) popping up, that more mugs from other cities like Arnhem or Nijmegen will come out?

Bor   14 Aug 2012

Fully available,rumours are that Rotterdam and Nijmegen are on their way.Which could mean within the next year....

Nicole-BFC   16 Jul 2013

Rotterdamn is already in the shops

Ronald71   17 Jul 2013

Rumors are that also Deventer - Eindhoven - Hilversum will get a mug, there are no release dates available. But look at Arnhem, already on this site for months, and occassionally on, but still not released.

My latest intel is that Arnhem should be available before month end.

Just wondering if Arnhem will be MIC or MIT

Websley   03 Feb 2014

I cant wait until the one of Eindhoven is there. I live here so I will definitely will buy some extra. XD It is easy for me to trade or sell this and other Dutch mugs. So contact me and perhaps we can arrange something.

elle   29 Apr 2014

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