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Starbucks City Mug Guanajuato - Global Icon Demitasse

From what I understand, this is a prototype demitasse mini mug.

  Mexico, Guanajuato

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anagke014   10 Jun 2012

im surprised to see this mug because... it�s not a oficial starbucks mug!!! it doesnt exist. I went to Guanajuato and investigated about this one. The one with the Quijote is the only one Guanajuato mug. There�s a person that is sometimes drinking coffee inside and offer this "Guanajuato 1" and sell it "out" of the store. This person is making them and sell them very expensive. Pls be carefull, i saw many muggers wanting this, but is a fake!! Mexico doesnt have ANY Demitass!!!!!

星社区(   14 Dec 2012

bu this man is talented

rteestman   21 Apr 2013

I will make a VERY, VERY generous offer to anyone who has this mug available for trade. Please email me at for my extensive trade list of mugs and rare Starbucks collectibles.

LukiGm   12 Nov 2013

Im so surprise about this mug and why they say it's fake, i live in Guanajuato, and bought it in a oficial starbucks store i only found the one with Teatro Juarez on it. I am a collector since 15 years and i have many mugs of Mexico.

Wumme0815   13 Nov 2013

Hi LukiGm, if you can trade or sell this Mug (3oz or 16oz) please let me know, I would be happy to trade with you (or buy from you) :-)

LukiGm   13 Nov 2013

Hi Wumme0815 I will try to found out for a mug to trade with you

Wumme0815   15 Nov 2013


VeniceJet   05 Jul 2014

I was just chatting with my friend who is in Guanajuato right now at a Starbucks and inquired in real time about their signature mug. It's definitely not this one, but the other that's on here (just an FYI).