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Starbucks City Mug Hamptons - Montauk Point Light

The Hamptons are a group of villages and hamlets in the townships of Southampton and East Hampton, which form the South Fork of Long Island, New York. The Hamptons form a popular seaside resort, one of the historical summer colonies of the American Northeast. They have some of the most expensive residential properties in the U.S. he Hamptons residents include many of New York City's affluent residents, as well as a number of affluent people from other nearby states, executives, and increasingly, foreigners from Europe and South America. Villages and the hamlets of Hamptons are distinguished by their significant population increases during the summers, a large number of retail shops and restaurants and extensive arts community. Residential real estate prices in the Hamptons rank among the highest in the nation. Exclusive private clubs provide additional recreational resources to the very affluent in the area.

The Montauk Point Light is a lighthouse located in Montauk Point State Park at the easternmost point of Long Island, in the Town of East Hampton, Suffolk County, New York. The lighthouse was the first to be built within the state of New York, and is currently the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States. The Lighthouse is located on Turtle Hill at the easternmost tip on Long Island.

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Badger   16 May 2012

This mug is on sale in Manhattan at the Starbucks on 37th. It's the first time I have seen it in town.

Ronald71   17 May 2012

@Badger,I lived in New York last year and saw it only once too. I saw it at the Starbacks on 5th Avenue @ 33rd street near Empire State.It presents the lighthouse at Montauk on Long Island.

Badger   17 May 2012

I think that must be the same Starbucks. I could have been wrong about 37th vs. 33rd.

Snax   06 Aug 2012

last year, starbucks released the hamptons mug in the city (NYC) at select stores near Long Island Railroad (LIRR) locations which is consistent with the ones seen in the 30s which is near Penn Station and the ones I saw last year in the Atlantic Terminal starbucks in Brooklyn.

jay   19 Aug 2012

They are abundant in the Hamptons Starbucks

FLORATAYLOR   13 Nov 2012

I want to trade this Hamptons mug, I can get Macau Hong Kong and China easily, anyone interesting?

Ronald71   15 Nov 2012

Have a spare, if you're interested!