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Starbucks City Mug INDIVISIBLE

This mug was specially crafted for Starbucks by artisans at American Mug and Stein in East Liverpool, Ohio. Founded as Pioneer Pottery in the 1920's, this factory is only one of a handful that remains in a city once known as the Pottery capital of the world. Starbucks is proud to team up with these craftspeople to bring you a mug that helps get Americans working again and showcases' the indomitable spirit of Americans working together.
"Americans Helping Americans Create Jobs"
With each purchase Starbucks will donate $2 to Opportunity Finance Network and the Create Jobs for USA Fund to help create and sustain jobs.
There is also an "Indivisible" Coffee Blend and Tumbler.

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Renee   26 Jun 2012

The "Indivisible" mug is difficult to find, but I have seen the red, white, and blue Indivisible tumbler in lots of stores if anyone is looking for it.

ACHmaxima   27 Jun 2012

oh I just saw these at my local Starbucks the other day :)

andyk02   27 Jun 2012

I just saw some in San Diego on University--closer to downtown area. I have to say this is a pretty cool idea, and there was an article in the NYTimes about this [ Link ]