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Starbucks City Mug Iwo Jima (USA/Patriotic Series) - 18 oz Mug

Shortly after 9-11, Starbucks produced a limited edition series of mugs, the USA Scenic Series, often referred to as the Patriotic Series. There were originally 4 mugs in the series: Flags, Mt. Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty (with Fireworks)and a mug that portrayed the flag raising at Iwo Jima in WWII. Some found the Iwo Jima mug too warlike. Starbucks, a company well known for its liberal roots agreed and recalled the mug on the same day that it debuted on the shelves. There was an estimated 5 or 10 sold by the Starbucks in the Pentagon, before they were recalled. The 3 remaining mugs make up one of Starbucks smallest series releases and are considered an extension of the 2002 Skyline Series.

-Information credit to Skip McGrath's online blog, October 28, 2008-

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Skyline King   18 Apr 2012

Re: purchase of the 2002 USA Scenic Series Iwo Jima:I bought it in a private sale from a former Pentagon employee. It was interesting as I got to learn about the small group of people who purchased it during the few hours of the morning on which it was available at the Pentagon. I went into the purchase with so many questions for the original owner as I’d tried to find out information on this mug in the past and there was very little proof of its existence; I was very curious and a true skeptic. She said she bought the complete USA Scenic Series at the same time on that morning and remembers that they were stocking them on the shelves (which caught her attention to the new collection). She returned to the same Starbucks later that day and only saw 3 of the 4 USA Scenic mugs on the shelf; she remembers thinking that the Iwo Jima mug must have really sold out quickly! Shortly after, one of her co-workers (also an Iwo Jima mug owner) had been collecting Starbucks mugs for a while and asked about the absence of the Iwo Jima's availability and found out from a Barista that they had been ordered off the shelves. She knew of the scarcity of the Minneapolis/St. Paul mug and sought out other co-workers that had purchased the mug too (via Pentagon's internal network email!). The lady I bought the mug from soon learned she was one of 8 people identified that had purchased the mug. She remembered that one individual had purchased 2 of the mugs so there were a total of 9 mugs accounted for by the group. Later, sadly, one of the 8 shared that her mug was dropped and shattered. The group agreed it would be best for all of them to hold onto their mugs as they anticipated they’d made a good investment! Eventually the mug collector in the group had been asked for pictures of her mug and she decided to discuss it with the others who had purchased it; it was decided best to only show a one-sided view of the mug in a photograph that was to be shared so the mug could never successfully be reproduced. I was asked to honor the photography agreement that she had made with her colleagues- which is a no-brainer today! The original owner is retired now and she needed to sell it to cover some medical bills. She has lost touch with the other owners of the mug but believes that several of them would be retired now also. In the purchase of the mug, she would not ship it as she didn't trust any carrier with it so I flew to Minneapolis personally to meet her, hear her story, get my photography instructions and retrieve it face-to-face. She was a delight and I was elated to learn that the mug was more than an urban legend!

argicgr   28 May 2012

So interesting....Apart from vas_paik another Greek (or user with Greek name) who has this mug!!! Would love to read your story Emmany.!!!

Skyline King   28 May 2012

Agreed! First of all- congratulations! This mug has had so much mystery and folklore around it in the collector's world. I would love to know the story of how you acquired your Iwo Jima mug also. If you'd like, you are welcome to have a picture of your mug replace the one I've had up on the site for a while. It is kind of fun to see another's picture when something is so rare. Please send a photo to me and I will replace the one that is currently in this post.

Renee   29 May 2012

Did you or a family member work at the Pentagon, Emmany? We all love the history of these mugs. Please share.

emmany   31 May 2012

Hello Renee!I bought this mug two months ago from a collector in Greece! I paid a lot for it but it has a broken handle!

emmany   31 May 2012

Oh sorry.. I just saw that argicgr was reffering to me! I am not Greek! I am from Israel and I live in White Plains NY

argicgr   31 May 2012

I am sorry Emma!!!! But the name sounded Greek.....Bad luck that you have a so rare mug with a broken handle!!!! Did you manage to get your money back?? It still remains interesting who this Greek collector was because the other Greek who has this mug got it from someone who lived in NY!!!!!! Best regards Emma.....

mobydick74   31 May 2012

I also remember baspaik claiming Iwo Jima...All these mugs are making so strange and long routes :)Firstly a collector from Greece states he has this Ultra VHTF mug, then collector from USA states having one by purchasing from collector in Greece...I just wonder if this is same mug...? Or #3 has been discovered...Anyway congratulations :) and sorry about broken handle :(

emmany   01 Jun 2012

Thank you for your kind words! His name is Vasilis. We speak a lot, he've met in Athens, he is very kind! He sold me many of his mugs and gave many as gifts. He advised me a lot and he told me about FO. If you, argicgr, are Argiris from Thessaloniki, he told me the best for you, for David Gal (LA), Jessie from Philippines and his favorite Steffi and Hayley! Nice to meet all you guys.. (I was informed that the handle was broken, but I wanted this mug so much!!) He also told me the story of how he found this mug! He bought it from a collector that lives only a few miles from my place!!! I guess that's weird!!

Skyline King   13 Jun 2012

@ emmany: I'd heard from the lady I bought my Iwo Jima from that one of ladies she'd worked with that bought the mug in those few hours later shared with the others that she'd broken hers. I wonder if the mug you have is the one from her story?

Minerva\\\'s Charms   12 Aug 2012

OMG! Its real! I only hear about it before but first time I see it and I want one!

Skyline King   20 Aug 2012

Sorry for the delay in responding to several of the generous offers that have been made for the Iwo Jima- for some reason FredOrange inquiries get caught in my spam filter. I am pleased to share the picture with my fellow collectors but I have no intention to sell the mug. There are 2 known to own this mug on this site so keep your eyes open as there are still a few more out there if the story is right. I cannot speak for emmany (the other collector that also owns the mug), just myself, but I plan to keep mine in my collection for the time being. @ Minerva's Charm- Yep! It exists! I thought it was just a myth myself and understand your surprise in seeing it for the first time.

dylan whitma   02 Dec 2013

My dad owns this mug. He told me the story of how he got it but I can't remember the full details. He lives in California and does not know anyone at the Pentagon.

mobydick74   01 Jan 2014

Seems since now we can all touch the legend.... Congratulations argicgr! That is a hell of achievement!

Skyline King   02 Jan 2014

Way to go Argic! I have been offered many crazy things for mine including a Mercedes convertible. Get ready for some interesting offers! :)

MZ   29 Mar 2014

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Do you know if this mug was sold anywhere else other than Pentagon before it was recalled? What do you think it may sell for at the action?

Skyline King   03 Jul 2014

MZ- I am glad you appreciated the story that was shared with me about the Iwo Jima mug from the lady I purchased it from. I really have no idea about Layyla's acquisition of the Iwo Jima mug, however I don't believe Argic's mug had any kind of a story that attached it to the Pentagon.

dylan whitma   22 Jun 2015

I was able to clarify with my dad how he got the Iwo Jima mug. He actually purchased it at the grocery store in California! He has been a long time Starbucks Mug collector. Has hundreds of them. When he was going to check out at the store there was a Starbucks in the location that had mugs for sale. He noticed this interesting mug that he had never seen before and purchase it. It turned out that one of them had inadvertently been sent to the the wrong location with another batch of merchandise, and he happened to be there to purchase it!

Skyline King   25 Jun 2015

How fortunate for your father Dylan! Sounds like he was meant to own it! ;)

wildflower75   20 Oct 2015

I didn't realize this mug was so rare...I don't remember where I purchased it... most likely in SF or NY but possibly in DC or Philly... I purchased all four from the collection together, that's all I remember

argicgr   20 Oct 2015

Thanx Windflower for sharing your story.
Another myth busted....

wildflower75   20 Oct 2015

Argicgr, not sure which part of the myth was busted since I honestly don't remember where I purchased the mug... there is a possibility I was in DC in 2002 but I honestly don't remember (I got divorced that year and a lot things are a blur).