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Starbucks City Mug Iwo Jima (USA/Patriotic Series) - 18 oz Mug

Shortly after 9-11, Starbucks produced a limited edition series of mugs, the USA Scenic Series, often referred to as the Patriotic Series. There were originally 4 mugs in the series: Flags, Mt. Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty (with Fireworks)and a mug that portrayed the flag raising at Iwo Jima in WWII. Some found the Iwo Jima mug too warlike. Starbucks, a company well known for its liberal roots agreed and recalled the mug on the same day that it debuted on the shelves. There was an estimated 5 or 10 sold by the Starbucks in the Pentagon, before they were recalled. The 3 remaining mugs make up one of Starbucks smallest series releases and are considered an extension of the 2002 Skyline Series.

-Information credit to Skip McGrath's online blog, October 28, 2008-

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Birdie   30 Apr 2017

I just purchased this mug from a local Craigslist listing :)