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Starbucks City Mug Jerusalem - Made in Thailand, 2001

A never released 2001 version of this Thai produced mug. The differences noted in comparing this and the officially released 2002 MIT version include an altered placement and more faint coloring/outline of the dove, yellow versus the gold coloring of the Starbucks lettering on the reverse side and a comparatively taller height for the prototype version. This 2001 MIT cup is more similar in coloring to the version 2 Jerusalem which was released in 2002 and made in England.

The mug pictured on the right is the unreleased 2001 version

  Jerusalem, Israel, 94, prototype, Rare

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SS   18 Aug 2016

I'm new to this group.. are you possibly selling either of the Jerusalem Starbucks mugs? Please let me know, thanks.
Stephen S.