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Katowice is a city in Silesia in southern Poland, on the Kłodnica and Rawa rivers. Katowice is located in the Silesian Highlands, about 50 km north of the Silesian Beskids (part of the Carpathian Mountains) and about 100 km southeast of the Sudetes Mountains. It is the central district of the Upper Silesian Metropolis. Katowice is the center of science, culture, industry, business and transportation in southern Poland. It is the main city in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Katowice has been the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship since its formation in 1999. Previously, it was the capital of the Katowice Voivodeship, before then, of the Silesian Voivodeship and before then Province of Upper Silesia in Germany. The area around Katowice in Upper Silesia has been inhabited by ethnic Silesians from its earliest documented history. It was first ruled by the Polish Silesian Piast dynasty. From 1335, it was a part of the Crown of Bohemia. In 1526 the territory passed to the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy after the death of King Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia. In 1742, most of Silesia was annexed from Austria by the Kingdom of Prussia during the First Silesian War. Katowice gained city status in 1865 as Kattowitz in the Prussian Province of Silesia.The city flourished due to large coal deposits in the nearby mountains.

A miner's habit is the traditional dress of miners in Europe. The actual form varies depending on the region, the actual mining function, and whether it is used for work or for ceremonial occasions. At work, the miner of the Middle Ages in Europe wore the normal costume for his local region – pit trousers, shoes and miner's jacket. Only gradually was the typical miner's uniform created by the addition of unmistakable elements of miner's apparel such as the miner's apron, knee pads, miner's cap, later pit hat, the mining tools needed for work in the pit. In 1769 in Saxony, the Marienberg Bergmeister, von Trebra, introduced the wearing of the black mining habit. The variety of mining habits may still be seen in the mining processions typical of the old mining regions even today.

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