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Starbucks City Mug Lanzhou - Zhongshan Iron Bridge

Lánzhōu is the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. A prefecture-level city, it is a key regional transportation hub, allowing areas further west to maintain railroad connections to the eastern half of the country. The city is located in a narrow and curved river valley with surrounding mountains causing it to be hemmed in blocking a free flow of air. Lanzhou repeatedly has had the worst air quality of any of 84 Chinese cities surveyed. According to the Blacksmith Institute, Lanzhou is one of the 30 most polluted cities in the world. Air quality is so poor that at times one cannot see Lanshan, the mountain rising up along the south side of the city. At one point, a controversial suggestion was put forward to bulldoze a mountain adjacent to the city, in order to let fresh air into the bowl where Lanzhou is situated. Lanzhou is also the home of many factories, including some involved in petroleum processing, and suffers from large dust storms kicked up from the Gobi Desert, especially in the winter and spring.

Zhongshan Bridge was the first permanent bridge over the Yellow River. The bridge located in Lanzhou, Gansu. Construction of the bridge began in 1907 and the bridge was completed in 1909.

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