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Starbucks City Mug Leon

Front image: Guanajuato International Air Balloon Festival

  Mexico, Leon, 08 Icon Edition, MIC

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cora   08 Jul 2016

Leon is located in the state of Guanajuato and is the fifth largest city in Mexico. The city is a colonial town rich in culture and history. It was first inhabited by a number of different indigenous groups; Viceroy Don Martin Enriquez de Almaza founded Leon in 1576 to establish a defensive position against the fierce tribe of the Chichimecas who opposed the Spanish conquest.

This colonial city later became known as the %u201CShoe Capital of the World%u201D, due to its large production of quality leather goods and shoes for national and international markets. Without a doubt it is a great shopping destination, in addition to leather, continuous livestock and crop production for the rest of the country.

Leon%u2019s strategic location in the center of Mexico links it to major cities and airports and, in addition to leather, it continues to produce agricultural products and livestock for the rest of the country.