Mug Shot — «Phoenix "Valley of the Sun" 2.5-Gallon Mug»

From Phoenix, USA


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Starbucks City Mug Phoenix \


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Renee   04 Jan 2014

Congrats to Max and Petra on acquiring this beautiful mug. Phoenix was my first giant as we were living there at the time. These mugs are to be considered rare and really, really rare. There are even a couple that no one in this group has located yet. My feeling is that they will only grow in value over time. Even now they are worth anywhere from $200 to $1300. I have two with broken handles being repaired with a porcelain expert that are considered quite rare.....Sacramento and Miami. Well worth the cost of repair.

Skyline King   04 Jan 2014

Yep! They're like getting the Golden Ticket when you can land one! Playing in the land of Giants is definitely a different ballgame!