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Starbucks City Mug Prague Relief Mug

photo by mobydick74

  Prague Relief, Czech Republic, Prague, Relief

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Mango   22 Apr 2012

is it right, that the mug is out [ Link ]

Melex25   07 May 2012

My friend just got it for me so I don't think so :)

Melex25   07 May 2012

Sorry, thought you meant out of stock :))) it is out.

Renee   09 May 2012

Thanks Martin! It's a beauty!

shugal   20 May 2012

I'm currently in Prague. They have this relief mug (copyright 2011), the Prague Icon mug (copyright 2010), the Czech Republic Icon mug (copyright 2012), the Prague Icon tumbler and the Czech Republic Icon tumbler. The Czech Republic Non-Icon Tumbler is not available. If you let me know by tomorrow (Monday 20-May-2012) early afternoon (15:00 / 3 PM CEST, equals 9 AM EDT) preferrably via e-mail through FredOrange that you want any of these mugs or tumbblers (please specify exactly what and how many you want) I can arrange to bring them back home to Germany. I'll bring a few extra mugs anyway, but no tumblers unless requested. I prefer trading but I'm willing to sell (actual price plus actual shipping) as well. Please note that I collect all city mugs globally (I haven't had time to resore my collection and wish lists) and may even be interested in mugs I already have because I collect all different copyright years and bottom stamps and I also can use some duplicates for trading.

raduga   28 Jan 2013

I want to buy this mug...

aallure   30 Jul 2013

I like to buy or trade for this mug, if possible.

aallure   30 Jul 2013

I really need a Prague Relief Mug. I have some HTF to trade. Thank youPM me on FB Alice Chau

Kelli   09 Sep 2013

I would like to buy this mug if anyone has it for sale

IVEN   13 Sep 2013

I can offer this mugMy

ArnoOost   26 Jan 2014

I own this mug and am looking to sell:Please contact me on

Michi   26 Jun 2014

Is there Anyone that need this Mug? I have it for trade in perfect New Condition with SKU and Price Tag.

girldanger   28 Jun 2014

These mugs have just become available in Prague again...not sure for how long. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to buy one and ship it to you.

malena   11 Jul 2014

I am looking for this mug - can anyone help?

Cali Mugger   13 Jun 2015

Does anyone want to trade this for Paris Relief?

Cali Mugger   17 Jun 2015

Just traded away Paris but if anyone wants Seattle Relief or San Francisco Relief I will send them to you for this mug! I also have several YAH and a couple of icons available for trade.