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Starbucks City Mug Rotterdam YAH

  Netherlands, rotterdam

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Ronald71   24 Jan 2018

Regarding the availability of this mug, I can share the following information as of 23-January-2018:

Mugs is being sold in small quantities at Shell Gas Station "de punt" on highway A16, address 3316 EJ Dordrecht. I have droving up several times without any luck yet. I was told they order only once every 2 - 3 weeks.

At the Rotterdam train station the YAH Rotterdam isn't sold until the Rotterdam icons are cleared out / off the shelves.

As far as I know only some lucky collectors have been able to pick it up at "de punt"

RicoS II   28 Jan 2018

Thanks for the info Ronald,

Keep us posted when they are (widely) available please.

Thanks, RicoS

RicoS II   31 Jan 2018

Available now (31-1) at the shop Ronald said, about 20 pieces.

Ronald71   02 Feb 2018

Seems mug is also available at Sheel Gas Station "de Andel" on highway A12, address 2811 NT Reeuwijk. I haven't been there myself (yet)

Good luck hunting.
Link ] (sorry website is in Dutch)