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Starbucks City Mug Sharjah - Sohar Fort in....Oman???

Sharjah is the third largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is located along the northern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. Sharjah is the seat of government of the emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah shares legal, political, military and economic functions with the other emirates within a federal framework, although each emirate has jurisdiction over some functions such as civil law enforcement and provision and upkeep of local facilities. Sharjah has been ruled by the Al Qasimi dynasty since the 18th century. The city inhabited by population of 800.000 is a centre for culture and industry, and alone contributes to 7.4% of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates. The city overlooks the Persian Gulf. It contains the main administrative and commercial centers together with an array of cultural and traditional projects, including several museums covering areas such as archaeology, natural history, science, arts, heritage, islamic art and culture. Distinctive landmarks include two major covered souks, reflecting Islamic design, and a number of recreational areas and public parks such as Al Jazeirah Fun Park and Al Buheirah Corniche. The city is also notable for its numerous elegant mosques. The Emirate of Sharjah is also known to be the Cultural Capital of the UAE with its rich legacy of arts, heritage and culture.

Sohar Fort is considered one of the most important castles and forts in Al Batinah North Governorate due to its outstanding location and the significant role it played over past centuries. This fort dates back to the end of the thirteenth century and beginning of the fourteenth century. Archaeological excavations carried out fort confirmed that it was completed in the fourteenth century. Sohar Fort is an eminent historical landmark. The building’s current features were built during the rule of the Portuguese. Currently, the fort includes a museum, opened in 1993, that showcases many archaeological and historical aspects of Sohar City as well as other places in the Sultanate of Oman. The museum also highlights the important role played by the copper trade in this city and its relationship with the city of Canton in China, in addition to various artefacts found during archaeological excavations inside the fort and other locations in Oman.

It is difficult to explain why, but comparing any available picture looks like mug from United Arab Emirates city got a landmark from different country - Oman. Discovered coincidentally thanks to magicketchup...

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