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Starbucks City Mug South Africa - Bushveld Fauna
Numerous mammals are found in the bushveld including Transvaal lions, African leopards, South African cheetahs, southern white rhinos, blue wildebeest, kudus, impalas, hyenas, hippopotami and South African giraffes.

This is the regular, unstamped South Africa icon ( in contrast to the limited 1/2000 version)

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verity   17 Jun 2016

Why did the stamped 1/2000 version got deleted? In my opinion it's a different version of this mug, like the change we see in Vietnam 1 and 2

rwoman   27 Nov 2017

The South Africa YAH is currently under design (per SB South Africa staff), so I imagine we'll see the icon go away at some point.