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Starbucks City Mug Kenya

This mug had a worldwide release. Kenya Blend.
Added July 25, 2013: This is part of the 16 ounce Stamp Diner Mug series. It is a very attractive, heavy duty mug. On the interior is a graphic that looks like a postal rubber stamp that says "Starbucks Coffee Air Mail". On the exterior are (6) Starbucks coffee stamps from 2002. They are: Viennese Blend, Sulawesi, Ethiopia Sidamo, Espresso Roast, Columbia Narino Supremo and Kenya. It is called the Kenya version because the Kenya stamp is larger than the other five. There is a Starbuicks logo on the bottom, it says Starbucks Barista and it is dated 2002.

  USA, Coffee Origin, Diner, Kenya, stamp

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evique   31 Dec 2016

I am interested in purchasing this mug in order to complete my Starbucks Stamps Diner Mugs Collection.
Is this mug for sale?