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Starbucks City Mug Starbucks Logo by Norwood

Made in China by Norwood, No logo at the back

  starbucks logo, Logo, Norwood, USA

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Renee   15 Jan 2018

Is it only me, or does anyone else grow weary of these endless variations of unreleased or almost identical white mugs with the green logo? I have an enormous collection and find these BORING. Who really cares?

mobydick74   15 Jan 2018

Aren%u2019t we trying to display here all available Starbucks mugs ever released? There are thousands of utility mugs being added to this website by everybody (which I personally don%u2019t mind if anyone is happy for adding them). And up to now nobody complained.... If I don%u2019t wanna see them I use search filters. Not so difficult :)

Barry   15 Jan 2018

Dudson, Rastal Germany/China, MIT, MIC, MIE, pottery style, 20oz, 18oz, 3oz etc....I have interest in all. That%u2019s why Fred0range is THE premier place to search all mugs Starbucks.

Renee   16 Jan 2018

I guess we agree to disagree. I don't really care for the utility mugs either. I guess I am more of a purist and wish to see the series in a uniform manner, rare artisies, etc. Somehow I knew someone would get miffed at this comment.
How many collectors who enjoy this as a hobby, really enjoy looking at dozens of so called "Rejected Prototypes" that all look alike? Personally....not me. Perhaps there are only two out there.

mobydick74   16 Jan 2018

The question raised in public has been publicly replied. I understand there may be people who are not interested in these rejected prototypes. But I also understand there are people who ARE interested. That is why these mugs are being added. This website welcomes all collectors. Search filters are really helpful to see what every collector is interested to see. I personally do not see a reason for another public debate.