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From Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan


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Starbucks City Mug 2012 Tokyo Sky Tree Tumbler

  Japan, Tokyo, Asakusa, Tokyo

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shugal   30 May 2012

Found on eBay, couldn't find this tagged with Japan, so I hope it's not a duplicate.

Badger   31 May 2012

This mug sold out in about 10 minutes I hear.

irmaloveslife   01 Jun 2012

It is really pretty and expensive!

irmaloveslife   02 Jun 2012

Shugal, I am so sorry. I meant to add karma points not deduct to it. Admin, help please. I also sent a request to Admin as I accidentally deducted points from one member when I meant to add. Help, please. Thank you!

Renee   02 Jun 2012

Wow! I think this new Sky Tree mug is really beautiful. So what do we all think people on these Japan mugs. Some of them have been entered as Japan Country mugs, but seem to be in the style of the AsianArtsy. Should we call them country mugs, and then add a tag of Asian Artsy. Recently one of the other traders asked me how to find an accurate list of the Asian Artsy mugs, and at this point there is not a clear list. I will be happy to work on it, but would love a little input. Then there is the matter of the global demis/minis. Our editions guide calls them all Mini Mugs, but should we tag them as global icon demitasse, in order to get all the pertinant words in there? It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of all mini mugs, and a separate list for each edition. I am interested in all feedback and would love to hear what you think. I also hope that I am filling up the entire page of comments to put this group and the picture it paints to possible new members on an upbeat, happy note again. Frankly that is all the babbling I can come up with for the moment, although I am usually not at a loss for words. Have a great day/evening everyone!

Renee   02 Jun 2012

Darn, I forgot that this would cut me off after about 3 lines. Anyone else have some good news to post?

Milou   02 Jun 2012

I think a listing for the Icob Demis would be great. But regarding the Asian artsy mugs, there are SO MANY!! LOL can't remember how it was before. If we just call them Asian Artsy mug, there would be too many, right?!

Renee   02 Jun 2012

Well, I don't know Petra. Each country is already separate, but lately a lot of people seem to want to collect the Asian Artsy, whether it is Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines. Hard to say.....

Crystal   19 Jun 2012

I went to Tokyo Sky Tree on June 15, 2012. They still have mugs and tumblers in store.

Crystal   19 Jun 2012

It's 1600 yen per mug