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Starbucks City Mug Vancouver - Beautiful British Columbia 18 oz Mug

There are 2 versions of this mug. "Beautiful British Columbia" slogan is trademarked by the British Columbia Provincial Government. This is the earlier version that has the slogan "Beautiful British Columbia" inside it. It is valued higher than the version of the Vancouver Skyline that followed that had no slogan in the mug.
There are actually 2 variations of the mug that has the slogan as well. The earliest release of several mugs in the 2002 Skyline Series were designed with a large logo on the bottom and larger serif font used for the slogan inside the mug. The design was only used in the early cities of the release and was abandon for a small logo/smaller font in subsequent production. This post picture includes both variations. The Vancouver Skyline sold quickly when it was introduced (much more quickly than the other Canadian Skyline mugs). As a result, there is a small window of time in production when the "Beautiful British Columbia" slogan was printed in the small logo/smaller font format. Due to it's rarity and small production, the Vancouver Skyline that has the slogan with the smaller logo/smaller font is highly sought by Starbucks Skyline collectors and considered to be the most valuable of the Vancouver renditions from the series.

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