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Starbucks City Mug Leiden - Windmill Museum De Valk

Leiden is a city and municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland. The larger Leiden agglomeration counts 332,000 inhabitants which makes it the sixth major agglomeration in the Netherlands. Leiden is located on the Old Rhine, at a distance of some 20 kilometers from The Hague to its south and some 40 kilometers from Amsterdam to its north. The recreational area of the Kaag Lakes (Kagerplassen) lies just to the northeast of Leiden. A university city since 1575, Leiden houses Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Centre. It is twinned with Oxford, the location of England's oldest university.

Museum De Valk - this small museum, in a monumental windmill nicknamed "the Falcon," which sticks up like a sore thumb on Molenwerf in the middle of town, contains exhibits dedicated to various types of windmills. The focus is on the history of grinding grain and on the construction and workings of a corn mill. The mill was regularly visited by tourists even before the war, although it did not have museum status at the time. The last miller kept a guest book in which the oldest signatures date back to 1930. He took great pleasure in showing visitors around, foreigners in particular, and was delighted to be able to chat with them. He also enjoyed talking to the students who rented rooms in the mill during the 1950s and 1960s. On 2 June 1966, De Valk became a municipal museum following the death of the last miller, Willem van Rhijn, in 1964 at the age of 87. Alongside the 'Van Rhijn collection', the basis of the exhibition was formed by a large collection of objects used in milling that the 'Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen' (The Dutch Mill Society) had acquired shortly beforehand.

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