Mug Shot — «Den Haag YAH»

From Den Haag, Netherlands


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Starbucks City Mug Den Haag YAH


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RicoS II   26 Aug 2017

Wondering how Ronald is able to own, and even trade, this one because it isn't in stores yet..... Please let me know when it will be available

ReneBLN   27 Aug 2017

i heard the mug was already available last week... i saw many pictures on Facebook ;-)

Ronald71   05 Sep 2017

Rico, I went to the correct SBX Store in Den Haag

- as it seems the SBX Stores at Den Haag Centraal Station and Den Haag Hollands Spoor are SBX franchises (NS) which doesn't have the YAH Den Haag (yet) - when you go to the SBX Store @Grote Marktstraat mug has been available since release (22-Aug)