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Starbucks City Mug Yichang - Three Gorges Dam

Yichang is a prefecture-level city located in western Hubei province, People's Republic of China. It is the second largest city in the province after the capital, Wuhan. In ancient times Yichang was known as Yiling. There are historical records aout the city from 278 BC. In 17th century Yichang was opened to foreign trade as a trading port.The imperial government set up a navigation company there and built wharfs less than 0.5 kilometres in length. Since 1949, more than 50 wharves have been constructed at the port so that its wharf area is now over 15 kilometres long. In 1940, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Battle of Zaoyang-Yichang took place in the area.

Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze River. The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity. The dam is the largest operating hydroelectric facility in terms of annual energy generation. The dam project was completed and fully functional as of July 4, 2012,when the last of the main water turbines in the underground plant began production. The dam body was completed in 2006. As well as producing electricity, the dam is intended to increase the Yangtze River's shipping capacity and reduce the potential for floods downstream by providing flood storage space. However, the dam flooded archaeological and cultural sites and displaced some 1.3 million people, and is causing significant ecological changes, including an increased risk of landslides.

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