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Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, lies to the west of the Yellow River and to the east of Helan Mountain. The landform is divided into two main parts, the mountainous region in the west and south and the plains in the north and east. The average altitude of Yinchuan is 1,100 meters (about 3,609 feet). Lying in the central section of Ningxia Plain which is irrigated by the Yellow River, Yinchuan holds abundant water resources and enjoys the reputation of 'a land of fish and rice in the frontier'.

The city that has a history of more than 1,300 years was originally founded in 678. It was called Western Xia from the establishment in 1038 by the leader of Dangxiang ethnic group and had created splendid culture as well as gorgeous architecture.

Yinchuan is a multi-nationality city including Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, and Chaoxian peoples. Among them, the Hui people account for 26.3 percent of the total population and they have maintained the traditional folk customs and life style that are unique to other ethnic group.
Yuanhao assumed the imperial title, it was known as the Xia Kingdom. In 1227, Western Xia was conquered by Yuan emperor Tai Zu (Genghis Khan). The Western Xia had ten ruling emperors over a 190 year period. The sites of the imperial mausoleums were chosen nearby at the east foot of the Helan Mountains, 25 kilometers west of Yinchuan City.

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