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Starbucks City Mug Manchester YAH

You are here Manchester. Released on Monday 3 April 2017

  United Kingdom, 13 You Are Here Series, YAH, Manchester

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EagleEye   07 Apr 2017

What store did you purchase this in?

rwoman   08 Apr 2017

I got it at a Services area near London.

penyffordd   08 Apr 2017

I originally put the picture up, and I purchased mine from Ellesmere Port. They had 4 in on Monday and it was limited to 1 per person.

I have been in Manchester today (Saturday 8 April) and none of the stores in Manchester City Centre have this mug in.

I did speak to a District Manager, and was told "Starbucks like to put these mugs in tourist destinations not necessarily in their own City".

I would suggest probably it could be in Terminal 1 of Manchester Airport Starbucks.

If I see it anywhere else I will post on here

ReneBLN   11 Apr 2017

i found mine at Sheraton Skyline Hotel near London Heathrow Airport!