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nequissimus   07 May 2016

pic by Robin Whitley via fredorange Starbucks City Mug Collectors facebook group.

uk-neil   08 May 2016

The picture referred to by nequissimus seems to have disappeared and now only a Coming Soon pic.

uk-neil   09 May 2016


uk-neil   09 May 2016

I was advised this afternoon that these YAH London mugs should be released for sale tomorrow (Tuesday 10th May) as part of the launch of the Summer collection, price GBP 8.50.

uk-neil   09 May 2016

I hope they come with the same box as the US and Canada YAH mugs are sold with.

uk-neil   10 May 2016

According to Starbucks UK customer services their release is being delayed due to some sort of production problem - they weren't any more specific.
Thanks to whoever uploaded the picture.

cmarie   11 May 2016

how do y'all find out when and what are being released? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

humbear   16 May 2016

Hi Neil...any update on the new release date for this mug?


uk-neil   17 May 2016

Sorry no - no sign of any this afternoon in the few shops in London I checked.

Jdasar   18 May 2016

Hello! I'm new here. Once London is released, would any of you be able to get one for me please? Not quite sure how it works here :) thanks!

wanderlust girl   15 Jun 2016

Anyone know if this mug is available in London yet?

2_therink   15 Jun 2016

Has this been released yet? Heading to London soon and hoping this is out! Thanks!

humbear   19 Jun 2016

Hi folks! Any update on the availability date of this mug in London stores?

uk-neil   25 Jun 2016

No signs of this mug in any of the London stores I've checked in the past few days.

sparklingcat   01 Jul 2016

In London just now and no sign of it either - including LHR...

svez   04 Jul 2016

Checked 4 Starbucks across the city and no luck.

Mikey   04 Aug 2016


Haidz   08 Aug 2016

My friend will be in London in a few days and wanted to know if these were available now so I can ask her to pick one up for me. Anyone know? Thanks.

uk-neil   10 Aug 2016

Still not available in any of the London stores I've checked in the last few days - may now be autumn or towards Christmas.

Haidz   11 Aug 2016

Thanks Neil!

Pete Manley   31 Aug 2016

I did send a message to Starbucks this morning but not heard anything back as of yet. Has anyone heard anymore news?

jeroew   01 Sep 2016

I have some news, London YAH is available at bond street tube station and buckingham palace road close to victoria!
I'm sure there are more places but those two I can confirm

Pete Manley   01 Sep 2016

Starbucks have just tweeted me back to confirm they are out today. I will be able to get some today and will put on eBay. Let me know if you want one?

Pete Manley   02 Sep 2016

I have 2 if anyone is interested :)

Taze   03 Sep 2016

Hi Pete,
I would be interested! Any chance that you have the Birmingham mug as well?

Pete Manley   03 Sep 2016

Hi Taze, I don't have the Birmingham one but want one. I have listed on eBay if that helps? Pete.Manley is my user on eBay