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Starbucks City Mug Moscow YAH


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bell299   23 May 2016

Where did you find this mug in Moscow. I live in Moscow and visit Starbucks often and have still yet to find a store that carries this mug:(

Anya   23 May 2016

Bell, go to Vodny mall. It is there. It is in a lot of stores actually.

bell299   29 May 2016

Nope no luck there either. I've even asked staff and none of them have seen it either :(

Anya   30 May 2016

This is odd. Try one at Belorusskaya then.

Anya   01 Jun 2016

there is one in a Starbucks on Vodniy. Would you like me to get it for you and then pass it somewhere in Moscow?

bell299   01 Jun 2016

Thank you Anya for the offer but I finally tracked it down at Teatralnaya station starbucks. Just in time before I leave Moscow:)